Wen Xing

Facebook software engineer Wen Xing is a Rice CS alumna.

Wen Xing (B.S. ’13) is a Facebook software engineer in New York. She has served in roles as the product technical lead  and the mobile engineering lead for the News product team, as well as an iOS engineer on App Infrastructure team and a full stack engineer on Commerce team. She will be discussing React.js at the 35th Anniversary Celebration.

Shams Imam

Two Sigma software engineer Shams Imam is a Rice CS alumnus.

Shams Imam (Ph.D. ’15), a software engineer for Two Sigma, is interested parallel programming models and runtime systems.

At Rice, his resarch involved building a generic framework that efficiently supports all synchronization patterns, not only those available in actor-oriented programs or the fork-join model, in task parallel programs. The work includes extensions for speculative computations in task-parallel models and coordination protocols in the actor model.

He is the lead author for the parallel Habanero-Java library which has been used in teaching a sophomore-level course titled “Fundamentals of Parallel Programming” at Rice University. He was also involved in projects such as Habanero-Scala, CnC-Scala, CnC-Matlab, and CnC-Python — work that was presented in leading conferences and workshops like Euro-Par, ECOOP, OOPSLA, and Scala Days.

CS Alumni Profile: https://www.cs.rice.edu/shams

Nick Vrvilo

Rice CS alumnus Nick Vrvilo is a Two Sigma software engineer.

Nick Vrvilo (Ph.D. ’17) is a full-time Software Engineer at 2σ, developing open source cluster computing software. He is also an adjunct lecturer at Rice University, teaching Functional Programming in Scala.

Although he enjoys his work at Two Sigma, Vrvilo has also developed an affinity for teaching. He said, “I just like to learn and I like to help other people understand and learn new and interesting things. I like gaining knowledge, pursuing it, and disseminating it. And you don’t need to find an internship to try out teaching. Grad school IS your internship to find out if academia is for you.”

Read his Rice CS Alumni Profile: https://cs.rice.edu/vrvilo.