Shams Imam

Two Sigma software engineer Shams Imam is a Rice CS alumnus.

Shams Imam (Ph.D. ’15), a software engineer for Two Sigma, is interested parallel programming models and runtime systems.

At Rice, his resarch involved building a generic framework that efficiently supports all synchronization patterns, not only those available in actor-oriented programs or the fork-join model, in task parallel programs. The work includes extensions for speculative computations in task-parallel models and coordination protocols in the actor model.

He is the lead author for the parallel Habanero-Java library which has been used in teaching a sophomore-level course titled “Fundamentals of Parallel Programming” at Rice University. He was also involved in projects such as Habanero-Scala, CnC-Scala, CnC-Matlab, and CnC-Python — work that was presented in leading conferences and workshops like Euro-Par, ECOOP, OOPSLA, and Scala Days.

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Nick Vrvilo

Rice CS alumnus Nick Vrvilo is a Two Sigma software engineer.

Nick Vrvilo (Ph.D. ’17) is a full-time Software Engineer at Two Sigma, developing open source cluster orchestration software. Nick enjoys applying functional programming techniques to implement scalable distributed systems, and encourages adoption of containerization via Kubernetes to streamline deploying and managing of web services. In addition to his work at Two Sigma, Nick has also developed an affinity for teaching. He is currently an adjunct lecturer at Rice University, teaching Functional Programming in Scala.

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Heaven Chen

MCS alumna Heaven Chen is a software engineer with Spectrum..

Yujing “Heaven” Chen (BA ’12, MCS ’13) is a software engineer with Second Spectrum, Inc., a company that utilizes machine intelligence to improve sports experiences for players, coaches, and fans. Her experience and expertise in Javascript (JS) spans several platforms, including Elm and React. Prior to joining Second Spectrum, she worked for Salesforce for five years as a software engineer and a software engineering manager.


Dan Abad

Schlumberger software architect Dan Abad is a Rice CS alumnus.

Dan Abad (MCS ’13) is a software architect at Schlumberger. He focuses on tools for next-generation drilling automation platforms and said his day-to-day responsibilities include, but are not limited to, developing key pieces of software infrastructure, mentoring other developers, testing, benchmarking and optimization, along with contributions to AI research.

“Many of my contributions are forward facing to clients of Schlumberger who are eagerly pursuing to incorporate our software on their drilling platforms. As a software developer I deal with a wide range of technologies. I have written low level code communicating with rig hardware, to back end micro-services, as well as font end user interfaces in both WPF and current web technologies. Not only is a large amount of my work used in production but I have also written numerous tools and applications that are used internally within our team and others throughout the company. The majority of the software I have written is in Javascript, C#, C++, and Go.”

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