Shams Imam

Two Sigma software engineer Shams Imam is a Rice CS alumnus.

Shams Imam (Ph.D. ’15), a software engineer for Two Sigma, is interested parallel programming models and runtime systems.

At Rice, his resarch involved building a generic framework that efficiently supports all synchronization patterns, not only those available in actor-oriented programs or the fork-join model, in task parallel programs. The work includes extensions for speculative computations in task-parallel models and coordination protocols in the actor model.

He is the lead author for the parallel Habanero-Java library which has been used in teaching a sophomore-level course titled “Fundamentals of Parallel Programming” at Rice University. He was also involved in projects such as Habanero-Scala, CnC-Scala, CnC-Matlab, and CnC-Python — work that was presented in leading conferences and workshops like Euro-Par, ECOOP, OOPSLA, and Scala Days.

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