Seth Fogarty

Rice CS alumnus Seth Fogarty is a CS Associate Professor at Trinity University.

Seth Fogarty (Ph.D. ’12) is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. He is a theoretician focusing on automata-theoretic formal verification, with more general interests in data structures, functional programming, and domain-specific languages. He routinely teaches classes on discrete mathematics, functional programming, programming languages, and compilers. His favorite languages are Haskell and Smalltalk, although most of his code is written in C.

Wrapping up his B.S. CS at the UIUC, Fogarty applied to Rice because it was highly ranked even though he had not heard of it. He received multiple admission offers, but the only two universities that offered him funding were Purdue and Rice. Fogarty said, “I went to visit Purdue first. They welcomed me by saying, ‘We’ll take you to a basketball game.’ I don’t even like basketball.

“Then I got to Rice and they handed me a map and said, ‘We’re in the museum district, here are the 16 museums in walking distance.’ Next, they gave me a walking tour – the campus was beautiful and the people were engaging. At that point, I messaged my friends that I might be moving to Texas.”

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