Sara Carlstead Brumfield

Rice CS Alumna and small business owner Sara Carlstead Brumfield.

Sara Carlstead Brumfield (B.A. ’97) is a co-founder of FromThePage, software that allows volunteers to transcribe written documents online. The open source software is used by libraries, archives, museums and other organizations with historical documents.

Developed by Ben Brumfield (B.A. ’97), her business partner and husband, the software allows their clients to scan in historical manuscripts and make the image available to volunteers who transcribe and index the contents.

She said their business is successful in part because it appeals to people who are already passionate about telling a story. “Transcription is done by volunteers, so that is only going to draw a particular kind of customer. We do it in such a way that you get really immersed in the story, like starting to transcribe a diary and wanting to know what happens next.”

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