Rakesh Agrawal

SnapStream founder Rakesh Agrawal is a Rice CS alumnus.

Rakesh Agrawal (B.A. ’98) is the Founder and CEO of SnapStream, the company that helps people record a LOT of television and then search inside those recordings for anything… a celebrity, political candidate, research topic, government, country, etc. The product is in use by organizations like the The Daily Show, the New York City Mayor’s office, the U.S. Senate, the White House, The Late Show with Colbert, NBC, CBS, ClearChannel, E! Entertainment, the DNC, Politico, Buzzfeed, MLB Networks and more.

He is also an investor in 80+ startups, including direct investments in Cruise (acquired by GM), LendUp,Wag, Grin, and Remix Software.

CS Alumni Profile: https://www.cs.rice.edu/rakesh