Felix Lin

Rice University alumnus Felix Lin is an Assistant Professor at Purdue.

Felix Xiaozhu Lin (Ph.D. ’14) is an Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University.

His research expertise is in computer systems software, as exemplified by operating systems and runtime. He investigates the question of how to build energy-efficient, heterogeneous, and low-latency systems. One of his ongoing efforts is re-examining the principle of operating systems design for Internet-of-Things (IoT). As IoT becomes a key part of the everyday infrastructure, the traditional methods of managing resources, handling inputs, and detecting failures are not long applicable. One of his group’s recent research projects overcomes obstacles in handling colossal IoT data.

His research has drawn wide attention of various domains. His research is being supported by NSF (including a CAREER award) and industrial colleagues such as Google.