Dan Abad

Schlumberger software architect Dan Abad is a Rice CS alumnus.

Dan Abad (MCS ’13) is a software architect at Schlumberger. He focuses on tools for next-generation drilling automation platforms and said his day-to-day responsibilities include, but are not limited to, developing key pieces of software infrastructure, mentoring other developers, testing, benchmarking and optimization, along with contributions to AI research.

“Many of my contributions are forward facing to clients of Schlumberger who are eagerly pursuing to incorporate our software on their drilling platforms. As a software developer I deal with a wide range of technologies. I have written low level code communicating with rig hardware, to back end micro-services, as well as font end user interfaces in both WPF and current web technologies. Not only is a large amount of my work used in production but I have also written numerous tools and applications that are used internally within our team and others throughout the company. The majority of the software I have written is in Javascript, C#, C++, and Go.”

Read his CS profile: https://cs.rice.edu/abad