Alisha Stupp

Rice CS alumna Alisha Stupp (BA '18) is a Software Engineer at Google.

Alisha Stupp (BA ’18) is a Software Engineer at Google. She took her first Rice Computer Science course as a sophomore and declared CS as a major during her second course. She said, “I liked the application of math and logic to projects in COMP 140 – it was a nice balance for the pure math in my other major. I really enjoyed the discrete math in COMP 182.”

During the department’s 35th anniversary, she’ll be talking about what she found useful in her Rice CS experience. Stupp advised prospective CS students to plan ahead. “I wish I’d started earlier, in order to take more electives later on. Of all the majors, CS is the one that most resembles a ladder. Every step builds up another foundation. If you plan well, you can get those early foundation courses in a place and still have time to plan where you want your ladder to lead,” she said.

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